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1834 - 1870

The table below shows sources, many online, for librettos of English operas between 1834 and 1870.  In addition, most, but not all, are also available in some form in the British Library (see here for key) and some in other locations. Those labelled "Available here" have been transcribed and included on this web site. Please note that available material may not be exactly what was performed on particular occasions, for example, at the premiere. In a few cases, the librettist entry has "See opera page".  This is because there are uncertainties as to who wrote the libretto, which are explored on the web page for that opera.

Please email with any other accessible online sources.




Libretto available at



Arnold, Samuel J.

BL sys. no: 000120067 (words for vocal items only) Original play at Google Books .

The Mountain Sylph

Thackeray, Thomas J. Available here

Hermann or
The Broken Spear

See opera page Available here

Lord of the Isles

Fitzball, Edward Google Books


Sadak and Kalasrade

Mitford, Mary Russell British Library scan

The Spirit of the Bell

Kenney, James Available here

The Covenanters

Dibdin, Thomas John

Available here

The Siege of Rochelle

Fitzball, Edward Hathi Trust (see note below).

Agnes Sorel

à Beckett, Gilbert Available here


The Rose of
the Alhambra

See opera page Available here

The Maid of Artois

Bunn, Alfred Hathi Trust (see note below), Google Books

The Sexton of Cologne

Fitzball, Edward BL manuscript Add MS 42938, ff. 136-158
BL sys. no.: 000182396 (words for vocal items only)

The Pacha's Bridal

Lemon, Mark BL sys. no.: 002128217

The Village Coquettes

Dickens, Charles ,


Fair Rosamond

Barnett, Charles Z. Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek
Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

Catherine Grey

Linley, G. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

The Barbers of Bassora

Morton, John Maddison Hathi Trust (see note below)

Joan of Arc

Fitzball, Edward Hathi Trust (see note below) - words for vocal items only.The text does not seem to have been included in the Lord Chamberlain's Plays, although it seems unlikely that it was not passed to the Examiner. 

Amilie or The Love Test

Haines, John Thomas Google books .


The Gipsy's Warning

Linley, George and
Google books.

The Outpost

Serle, Thomas James BL manuscript Add MS 42946, ff. 685-696 b

Diadeste or
The Veiled Lady

Fitzball, Edward BL manuscript MS 42947, ff. 95-174
BL sys. no.: 000182314 (words for vocal items only)

The Devil's Opera

Macfarren, George Google Books

Francis the First

See opera page Act 1 - BL Manuscripts Add MS 42949, ff. 386-410



Barnett, Charles Z. Google Books


Haines, John Thomas Google Books



Lemon, Mark BL manuscript Add MS 42957, ff. 568-583 b & 749-769


Keolanthe or
the Unearthly Bride

Fitzball, Edward German version - Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek .
English version at Harvard and McMaster Univs.
The text does not seem to have been included in the Lord Chamberlain's Plays, although it seems unlikely that it was not passed to the Examiner.


The Bohemian Girl

Bunn, Alfred Many available, e.g. , Univ. of Wellington


The Brides of Venice

Benedict, Julius and
Bunn, Alfred
Google books  ,   Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

The Daughter of St Mark

Bunn, Alfred Google books


The Enchantress

Bunn, Alfred Google books . Also here

The Fairy Oak

Coape, Henry Coe National Art Library (V&A Museum)


Fitzball, Edward Many examples, e.g. Hathi TrustNaxos ,
Univ. of Wellington


An Adventure of
Don Quixote

Macfarren, George

The Crusaders

Bunn, Alfred and
St Georges, Jules-Henri
Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

The Night Dancers

Soane, George BL sys. no.: 003430701

Loretta, a Tale of Seville

Bunn, Alfred Hathi Trust (see note below).

The Bondman

Bunn, Alfred Goethe Universität, Frankfurt , Hathi Trust


Matilda of Hungary

Bunn, Alfred BL sys. no. 000530042

The Forest Maiden and
The Moorish Page

Fitzball, Edward BL manuscript Add MS 43004, ff. 192- 213 b

The Maid of Honor

Fitzball, Edward BL sys. no.: 015411571, Hathi Trust (limited search only)


Robin Goodfellow

Smith, John Frederick BL manuscript system no.: Add MS 43015, ff. 286-307b.

Quentin Durward

Fitzball, Edward BL manuscript system no.: Add MS 43015, ff. 308-345.
Printed copy at Yale University


Francesca Doria

Morris, Valentine and
Linley, George
British Library scan

King Charles II

Ryan,  Desmond BL manuscript. Add MS 43021, ff. 642-662b


The Queen of a Day

Scribe,E. ,St Georges,
J-H, Buckstone, John
Google books


The Sicilian Bride

Bunn, Alfred BL manuscript Add MS 52930 J. Printed copies available, e.g. at Yale, McMaster, Birmingham.

The Devil's In It

Bunn, Alfred


Love's Alarms

Buckstone, John BL manuscript Add MS 52943 U


Faust and Marguarite

Drayton, Henri BL manuscript Add MS 52954 K.

Berta, or, The Gnome
of the Hartsberg

Fitzball, Edward BL manuscript Add MS 52954 H.

Raymond and Agnes

Fitzball, Edward Available here


The Rose of Castille

Harris, Augustus and
Falconer, Edmund
National Library of Australia  , British Library scan


Satanella, or,
The Power of Love

Harris, Augustus and
Falconer, Edmund
Google booksGoethe Universität, Frankfurt , Naxos


Zaida, or,
The Pearl of Granada

Summers, Oliver BL manuscript Add MS 52979 Q


Falconer, Edmund British Library scan



Fitzball, Edward British Library scan, Naxos

Robin Hood

Oxenford, John Naxos

the Bravo's Bride

Simpson, Palgrave Goethe Universität, Frankfurt


The Amber Witch

Chorley, Henry BL sys. no.: 015555189 (words for vocal items only)

Ruy Blas

Glover, Howard BL manuscript Add MS 53008 A. Printed version
in the Library of Congress

The Puritan's Daughter

Bridgman, John Vipon Goethe Universität, Frankfurt


The Lily of Killarney

Oxenford, John and
Boucicault, Dion
Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

Love's Triumph

Planché, James R. Hathi Trust (see note below)


The Armourer of Nantes

Bridgman, John Vipon Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

The Desert Flower

Harris, Augustus and
Williams, Thomas
Hathi Trust (see note below)

Blanche de Nevers

Brougham, John BL sys. no.: 000490063


She Stoops to Conquer

Fitzball, Edward BL sys. no.:015465908


Oxenford, John BL sys. no.: 015465353

Rose, or, Love's Ransom

Edwards, Henry S. Hathi  Trust (see note below)


Ida or
The Guardian Storks

Simpson, J. Palgrave Google Books


Any British Library item's labelled "BL sys. no." can be found through the main index search here. They are all printed items and in some cases printed text is only available for vocal items and not for the dialogue.

Any labelled "BL Manuscript" can be found through the Archives and Manuscript search here.  They are usually handwritten.

"British Library scan" indicates that the library have scanned the document and made it available online - click on the link.

"Hathi Trust" documents can be read online and individual pages downloaded but you have to be a member of Hathi Trust to download the complete document.


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